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The Giurgiulesti Port is equipped with facilities from «Alex S&E»

Two-thirds of the world's cargo is carried out by sea and in international trade - this is the cheapest form of transport. Since then, in the south of Republic of Moldova was built the Giurgiulesti Port, maritime transport became more accessible for Moldovan companies too. And for the grain market, the Giurgiulesti Port altogether acquired the role of a priority corridor for export to countries in Europe and Asia.

Загрузка коробля зерном

To expand the opportunities for transshipping grain in the Giurgiulesti Port, the TransCargoTerminal Company (a subsidiary of the international group TransOilGroup) expanded and refurbished its grain transshipping complex, acting since 2009 in the Giurgiulesti International Free Port.

In the modernization of the grain terminal participated the most important Moldovan manufacturer of industrial weighing equipment and systems - Alex S & E. The company won the international contest announced by TransCargoTerminal regarding the development of unique equipment for Republic of Moldova. At the tender participated distributors from Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Germany but only the Moldovan producer was able to fulfill all customer requirements.

The grain terminal operator, taking into consideration the dynamics of growth of grain exports from Republic of Moldova, set a task - to create conditions for the cargo to be accurately weighed and quickly shipped to the sea crafts and river barges. Any delay in this chain is related to financial expenditures: exporters and transportation companies incur additional costs for a simple ship in port. As a result, the design department of Alex S & E developed for TransCargoTerminal an individual project – an automated grain flow in the weighing system.. 

Mihail Redkin, director of TransCargoTerminal:

For the modernization of the grain terminal, we were seeking for a company that would be able to develop a system with a capacity of loading and weighing at least 800 tons of grain per hour and will ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment throughout the year. As we serve the export-import transactions, this equipment must comply with all international requirements, as well as having operational service maintenance. Previously, we had a bad experience of cooperation with one foreign supplier of equipment, so we have focused exclusively on companies that provide long-term and post-sales service maintenance. By all criteria, only Alex S & E suited us, so all the control points at the second grain terminal, we have entrusted to this company. I must say that this manufacturer proved to be a reliable partner for other projects of our company, which gave us confidence in further successful cooperation.

The Alex S & E team has developed a technical solution, «with good will" which is the weighing hopper scales for bulk materials. These are super powerful scales that determine the exact weight of the grain in the stream. At the same time, an automated accounting system provides the information needed to the exporters for registration of documents on product weight.

For what else is required grain weighing in port? Each company, as a rule, before being loaded into transport estimates the volume of cargo. But depending on the type of crops (wheat, sunflower, corn, beans, etc.) and the type of delivery of elevators to the port (automobile and railroad transport), various inaccuracies in the measurement can be admitted. Therefore, the most reliable is weighing grain directly and during the shipment.

The automated weighing system and loading of grain transshipment complex provided its high bandwidth, increasing in this way the overall performance from 200 tons to 1 thousand tons per hour! Due to this, even in the peak season at the grain terminal in Giurgiulesti Port will be no queues and delays..

In addition, the Alex S & E equipment may work at any time of the year, keeping up with all the climatic variations: coldness, warmth, rain / snow and high humidity. Loading speed and accuracy of weighing products are not changed. 

Моцок Н.

 -The customer has put forward very strict requirements for all-weather operation of the system. In order the equipment to be able to cope not only with the volume of the load, but also to work in any weather, the design department of Alex S & E refused the air flap control. It was decided: the management of all the dispenser mechanisms must be performed in hydraulic manner. Today, near the product functions the automated hydropower station. Due to the station, in the cold the hydraulic oil is heated and cooled when is warm. This makes it possible to weigh goods with temperature fluctuations from +50 to -25 degrees - states the commercial director of Alex S & E Nikolai Motok.

Thus, due to the renewal and expansion of the grain terminal in Giurgiulesti Port with the direct participation of Alex S & E, the storage and export potential of grain in the Moldovan sea port increased more than twice. Now Giurgiulesti Port can receive at least 75% of grain production, which is exported by Moldovan producers. The products are weighed quickly and accurately, and grain loading is performed 365 days a year!

It must be mentioned that is not the first modern solution, which Alex S & E performed in the Giurgiulesti port: on the territory of the port complex there are automobile and railroad track scales, hopper scales of different performance.

In the future, subject to the development of logistics and international shipping grain by rail means, TransCargoTerminal will be able to attract other big foreign companies in the Giurgiulesti Port and to become a regional leader in the export of grain.

ABSTRACT: Since 1993 Alex S & E produces electronic scales for various industries - from trade to industry. The weighting equipment of the company is used in areas requiring high-precision measurement of weight: trade, agriculture, industry, construction, medicine, etc. The equipment of Alex S & E is used by the major companies and organizations in Republic of Moldova, Transnistria, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

For instance the  glass factory «GlassContainerCompany», «SüdzuckerMoldova», «Moldovan Metallurgical Plant», «LafargeCimentMoldova», «Pegas», «Carmez», «Tutun-CTC», «Efes-VitantaMoldovaBrewery», «Bucuria», Minsk plant "Keramin" State Road Administration, the Customs service of Republic of Moldova and others..

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Alex S&E company
Alex S&E company
“Alex S&E” is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of weighing equipment for industry and commerce in the Republic of Moldova. Since 1993, we produce commercial scales, dosing systems and automated accounting systems for industrial and trade applications. Nowadays “Alex S&E” is one of the largest...
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