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Results of the MOLDAGROTEH 2018 exhibition

In the period October 17-20, MOLDEXPO hosted a new edition of the MOLDAGROTEH 2018 exhibition.

Alex S&E presented some innovative concepts of weighing.

Приз за первое местоВручение приза Вручение приза за третее местоПриз за третее место

The automated weighting complex for motor vehicles and the mobile weighting control application received the highest prize. Due to the complex, cars can be weighed without involvement of operator. You can weigh a load day and night, seven days a week, without using a room for weighing, thus making considerable savings.

The application allows monitoring what happens on the scales, tracking the weighing process online, and viewing the weighting results with snapshots fixing the weighting moment, at any time and wherever you are, and due to the convenient and user-friendly interface finding a particular weighing result is not difficult.

Another exhibit, stainless steel scales with IP68 degree of protection against dust and humidity and a rejection function, won the third place and a bronze prize. The scales are perfectly suited for dosing active chemicals, fertilizers and fish weighing, since after weighing the scales can be washed under pressure using detergents.

Although the exhibition is over, you can get acquainted with these and other products in our stores.

Monday, 22 October 2018 06:27


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