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Scales are intended for weighing babies. They are used in medical institutions. Scales are certified and listed in the State Register of measuring instruments of the Republic of Moldova. Precision weights ensure close monitoring of the weight of the child. Sustainable design is the most safe to use and protects the child from falls and bruises. Scales are hygienic and easy to use. Backlight allows you to weigh the baby in a comfortable environment - not including bright light.

2 800.00 MDL
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Additional Info

Maximum capacity, kg: 15/30
Minimum capacity, g: 100
Verification scale interval (е), g: 5/10
Actual scale interval (d), g: 5/10
Maximum tare effect, kg: 30
Power supply: 220V(+10%;-15%); 50 Hz +/-2%
Battery: DC 6V/4A/h
Operation temperature range, С: from 0 to +40
Battery voltage, V: 6
Battery operating time between recharges, h: 120
Pan size: 300х650
Dimensions, mm: 320х650х160
Weight, kg: 4,0
Accuracy class: Medium (III)


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