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For cattle weighing Max-1500 kg

The animal weighing scales are meant for determining the weight of separate animal heads or groups of animals. Due to peculiarities of animal weighing process: impossibility of static weighing at quiescent state, the scales are equipped with a system of weight stabilization, which provides for obtaining accurate metrological data in the shortest possible time. Due to this fact the function of weight control and peculiarities of development and increase of livestock is considerably simplified.

The animal weighing scales are designed on the basis of platform construction. The standards scales specification includes corrugated load carrier with barrier, equipped with strain-gage cell and hinged gate, weight indicator, 5-meter connecting cable, a set of necessary documents.

The prefabricated structure of equipment and availability of platform wheels makes the process of weight transportation more convenient, due to this fact the animal weighing can be performed not only in the steady state but at a farm, in fields using a built-in rechargeable battery ensuring till 72 hours of interrupted operation.

As the animal weighing scales are subject to daily sanitary processing and are often used in quite humid conditions all scales elements have special anticorrosive covering possessing good wear resisting property. Moreover, the animal scales are equipped with moisture-proof strain-gage cells with a range of working temperatures - 30 to + 40 C (The range of working temperatures for weight indicator is - 5 to + 40 C).

The load carrier and strain-gage cells have the degree of protection IP68 and weight indicator (standard model) has the degree of protection IP55.

The warranty period of animal weighing scales are one year, when meeting the operation rules the period of scales failure-free operation is 8 years.

21 500.00 MDL
  • Additional Info

Additional Info

Maximum capacity, kg: 1500
Minimum capacity, kg: 10
Verification scale interval (е), g: 500
Actual scale interval (d), g: 500
Maximum tare effect, kg: 1500
Power supply: 220V(+10%;-15%); 50 Hz +/-2%
Battery: DC 6V/4A/h
Operation temperature range, С: from 0 to +40
Battery voltage, V: 6
Battery operating time between recharges, h: 120
Pan size: 1500x2000
Accuracy class: Medium (III)
Dust and waterproof (indicator): IP54
Dust and waterproof (platform): IP67


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Alex S&E

“Alex S&E” is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of weighing equipment for industry and commerce in the Republic of Moldova. Since 1993, we produce commercial scales, dosing systems and automated accounting systems for industrial and trade applications. Nowadays “Alex S&E” is one of the largest engineering companies in Moldova and other CIS countries.


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