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Portable label printer Rongta RPP320

Portable thermal label printer Rongta RPP320 is intended for marking goods in "field conditions". It is a specialized device designed for printing barcodes and labels from both stationary and portable devices. 

Portable label printer Rongta RPP320

1. Compatible with various intelligent terminals, printing from a PDA.

2. Support for printing linear barcodes, QR code, images, curved lines.

3. Waterproof, dust-proof (IP54), able to work even in stormy weather.

4. Withstands fall on concrete floor from a height of 2 meters

5. Certified by CCC, CE, FCC

6. Fast charging (full charge takes 3 hours)

7. Compatible with paper with a black mark, a label with a gap, a roll paper, a paper without a substrate

8. It has push-button control

3 000.00 MDL
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Additional Info

Printer type: thermal printer
Print type: direct thermal printing
Print speed, mm / sec: 90
Print resolution, dpi: 203
Print width, mm: 72
Width of the tape (labels), mm: <80
Maximum diameter of the tape, mm: 50
Interfaces: USB, Bluetoth
Autocrop: no
RAM: 8
Dimensions, mm: 110 x 162 x 58.3
Weight, kg: 0.45


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