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Dolar S.U.A. USD 17.8649
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Leu romanesc RON 4.5769
Hrivna ucraineana UAH 0.7020

Max-500 kg with ramps

  • Platter size 800x1000 mm;
  • Stainless steel
  • Ground installation;
  • Bright LCD with LED backlight;
  • Automatic zero tracking;
  • Tare weight;
  • Last weight storage;
  • Displayed information: weight;
  • Built-in battery;
  • RS-232 optional, at customer's demand;
  • 6-key keyboard.
33 200.00 MDL
  • Additional Info

Additional Info

Maximum capacity, kg: 500
Minimum capacity, kg: 2
Verification scale interval (е), g: 100
Actual scale interval (d), g: 100
Maximum tare effect, kg: 500
Power supply: 220V(+10%;-15%); 50 Hz +/-2%
Battery: DC 6V/4A/h
Operation temperature range, С: from -5 to +35
Battery voltage, V: 6
Battery operating time between recharges, h: 120
Pan size: 800х1000
Accuracy class: Medium (III)
Dust and waterproof: IP67


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Alex S&E company
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