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HE 50

Moisture meter for agriculture

  • very easy handling
  • fast measurement
  • high precision
  • automatic temperature correction
  • high measurement range to over 30 % moisture
  • 14 calibrations included

Quality and precision for the most important measure during the grain harvest.

Reliable in the field and for drying and storag.

Measurement procedure

Place a 9 ml sample in the bottom section of the measurement cell.  With the help of a ratchet screw the top section of the measurement cell into place.  Place the measurement cell on to the unit and select the product using the rotary switch.  By pressing the measurement button the selected product appears in the display.  The HE 50 completes the measurement in seconds, automatically corrects the temperature and displays the measurement result.  No adjustment is required since the HE 50 offers very high accuracy.

Four of the fourteen product programs can be selected from over 200 available products for your HE 50, e.g. cargo, peanuts, milo corn, green coffee etc. This allows a universal application of the HE 50 for grain, grass, vegetable and flower seeds, etc. Floury products can be measured by means of the special cell for floury products, available as option.

Measurement cell

The measurement cell which has been specially developed for agricultural use allows the most diverse products to be measured.  The homogenisation of the sample in the new measurement cell creates the best conditions for precise moisture measurements.  This means that the HE 50 offers great reliability for freshly harvested grain and other crops within a wide measurement range.

Temperature Measurement

The HE 50 is suitable for the temperature measurement as well. In connection with a temperature rod (1 m or 1.5 m) you can measure the temperature in stored goods and piles of grain. The temperature in bales of straw and forage can be measured by means of the new temperature rod for straw and forage. As a result of its highly modern technology, the HE 50 is easy to service and offers a long service life.


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