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Rakoraf CEE

correct sampling directly from truck with remote control

  • correct sampling - no vacuum cleaner effect
  • for any flowable product
  • well tried and tested
  • fair to both buyer and seller
  • leading in Europe
  • Patented Model 


The Rakoraf CEE Core Sampler is the fastest and easiest method to take an accurate sample from an open trailer. The sample is taken while the trailer is still on the weighbridge. The telescopic arm with the core tube can be extended or retracted, be turned horizontally 0 to 350 degrees, and can also be raised or lowered vertically.
When the core tube is forced downward into the load, the grain, due to the down pressure, is pushed upwards into the inner chamber of the core tube and carried to the receiving chamber located in the weighbridge office via steel and plastic tubing. In the receiving chamber the air is separated from the sample and the clean air is circulated back through the air motor and discharged through the outside chamber of the core tube.

CONVAC system for representative sampling

The air circulation system with the patented CONVAC system secures a correct sample eliminating the "vacuum cleaner effect". Each time the probe is inserted into the load a sample is taken. From a 1 metre load a 600 gram sample is taken, if the load is 2 metre the sample is 1200 gram. Sample size is independent of the time the probe is inserted in the load. Only the material (grain) that is forced into the tube is taken as the sample. The sample is taken right to the bottom of the material layer, a factor especially significant when sampling peas, where smaller impurities settle at the bottom. When the core sampler is stopped, the samples is automatically emptied out from the receiving chamber. Should the driver by mistake drive away before the sampler is taken out of the load, the sampler is equipped with a break away hinge will give with the motion so no damage is done to the sampler or trailer.

Rakoraf has been officially tested at National Institute of Agricultural Engineering Bygholm, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark, report no. 758.

Remote control

The compact handheld remote control which has all moving functions in one handle can activate up to 3 moving functions at the same time. The remote control speeds up the operation and it is possible to take 5 samples in 40 seconds. The joystick is connected to the sampler with a single multiplug and if required you can replace your old type push button unit very simply. Push button for working lamp and horn.


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