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The mixing ratio of different wheat varieties by the flour production, flour quality and effects of some additives (ascorbic acid, cellulatic enzymes, oxidation enzymes) can be determine with RHEOGRAPH device. With the device, constant pressure to inflate the dough with the resistance (P), elongation (L), energy (W) values can be determined. In a short time dough quality characteristics can be obtained with the device. The device has it's own embedded industrial PC and own software. The device can control directly from the touch screen industrial PC. The temperature of the mixer and fermentation chamber control by it's own software. The device is automatically commanded to inflate the bubble, where the operator won't intertere during inflation. All test results, calculate and record on the industrial PC of the device.

Rheograph can be determine :

  • Resistance/Maximum Resistance to Pressure (P)
  • Extensibility-Curve Length (L)
  • Energy (W) : Baking strength, the curve area
  • P/L: The ratio of the resistance to elongation
  • Ie: Elasticity index 

Technical Specifications :

  • Dimensions : (H x D x W) 360 mm x 750 mm x 490 mm
  • Energy : 220 V 50 - 60 Hz
  • Net Weight : 80 Kg
  • Mixing Bowl Speed : 60 ±1 min-1