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Hopper scales 30 t/h

Recommended for installation in industrial premises.
The scales are suitable for automatic weighing of flow materials (grain, bran, seeds, sugar, bagasse and other small-granule or powder products). The scales can be operated both in autonomous mode and within whole production line in industry (chemicals, metal production) and agriculture.


The main feature of this weighing system lays in weighing of a batch with further automatically summarizing. The scales measure big volumes of flowing products with high accuracy. Drive type: electronic/pneumatic. The scales are fitted with flow cut-off gates with auto-jamming effect in case of power supply failure or pressure system malfunction, and with anti-vibrating stabilizers to prevent vibrating during hopper charging. These measures considerably increase accuracy weighing.

The structure allows re-assembling hopper scales into dosing system with two mode of filling: precise and rough dosing. Weighing terminal keeps current batch weight, number of batches and total weight, has user-friendly managing tools and a possibility to be built in the existing production line.

Software calculator of summarized weight keeps data in case of power-off and prevents human access to data changing.


  • Output of data of discharged products, and weigh of current batch;
  • Transmitting of current data through serial port RS485;
  • Error indication;
  • Operation modes:
  • "autonomous" - batching with values keyboard entry;
  • "complex" - batching with computer input;
  • "setting-up" - adjustment and testing.

*-Performance when weighing other materials specified by the manufacturer when ordering, depending on their properties

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Additional Info

Output for grain, tons/hour *: 30
Maximum capacity, kg: 100
Verification scale interval (е), kg: 0.05
Actual scale interval (d), kg: 0.05
Compressed air consumption not more than, nM3/h: 2.3
Operating pressure in the system, atm: 4...6
Power consumption, VA: 45
Operation temperature range (MERAV3001), С: from 0 to +40
Operation temperature range (hopper), С: from -10 to +45
Dust and waterproof (MERAV3001): IP 54
Dust and waterproof (sensors): IP 68
Dimensions, mm: 1075х983х1430
Number of sensors, pcs: 3
Weight, kg: 169
Power supply: 220V(+10%;-15%); 50 Hz +/-2%
Accuracy class: Medium (III)


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Alex S&E company
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