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for packing in open sacks


bulk materials in open sacks

  • Packing bulk materials in open sacks in agriculture and industry.
  • May be easily incorporated in the existing technological lines.
  • If necessary, it may be delivered with closing machine (for sewing sacks after being filled) and transporter (for moving sacks on the conveyor)
  • For some products, in the doser's composition may be included: shaker - for product compaction in sack, vibrator - for preventing the product from sticking in the feeding hopper and screw conveyor - for material feed.


A sack with material is weighed in the process of filling, when the pre-set mass is achieved, the filling stops automatically. After being filled, the sack is substituted with a new one.

The automated system of the weighing and filling machine is controlled by a scales controller.

Scales terminal shows the current weight of filled dose, quantity of weighed sacks and their aggregate mass, has easy control and wide possibilities concerning the incorporation in technological lines.

Software counter of aggregate mass saves the information at sudden power cut-off and, to reduce the operator's intervention, is not available for manual modification.

  • Additional Info

Additional Info

Output for grain, tons/hour *: 9
Dose weight, kg: 20..50
Verification scale interval (е), kg: 0.05
Actual scale interval (d), kg: 0.05
Compressed air consumption not more than, nM3/h: 2.3
Operating pressure in the system, atm: 4...6
Power consumption, VA: 45
Operation temperature range (MERAV3001), С: from 0 to +40
Operation temperature range (hopper), С: from -5 to +35
Dust and waterproof (MERAV3001): IP 54
Dust and waterproof (sensors): IP 68
Dimensions, mm: 850 х 850 х 2155
Number of sensors, pcs: 1
Power supply: 220V(+10%;-15%); 50 Hz +/-2%
Accuracy class by GOST 10223-97: 1 (0,5%)


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