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Gas filling station

Electronic installation for liquefied gas cylinders filling BSN-60D1.3 provides: 

  • Filling of a given quantity of liquefied gas into the containers
  • Residual (return) gas recording
  • Elimination of intentional interference to the process of filling the container
  • Container type choosing
  • Weight, price, amount to be paid indication
  • Counter of filled containers
  • Operators personal codes system (access to the filling)
  • Information display on the computer and printer
  • The ability to obtain cumulative sum of filling in any time (see tables)

Installation is completed with a electromagnetic valve ("ASCO" Holland), through which the  gas dosage is carried out. Clamp is selected by the type of filled containers.
Analog digital converter (ADC) is designed to convert analog signal from load cells to the discrete one and it is placed near the load cells, which ensures temperature compensation and increases measurement accuracy.
 Remote power block is installed at a distance of 30-40 meters from the post in the safe zone, individual installation units are powered through the separated electric circuits, thus ensuring compliance with safety regulations for intrinsically safe equipment.
The handling controller, display and keyboard are located in the dust-ignition-proof construction cabinet..

  • Additional Info

Additional Info

Maximum capacity, kg: 60
Minimum capacity, kg: 1
Verification scale interval (е), g: 50
Actual scale interval (d), g: 50
Maximum tare effect, kg: 60
Automatic zero set: to 10% Max. Capacity
The average time of mass measurement from , sec: not more than 2
Work without interruption, h: not less than 12
Explosion protection: 1ExibdIIAT4
Dust and waterproof: IP 65
Operation temperature range, С: from -20 to +40
Power supply: 220V(+10%;-15%); 50 Hz +/-2%
Power supply: 12V (+2/-1,5)
Used current, A: not more than 1
Dimensions, mm: 1580 x 400 х 520
Weight, kg: 50
Accuracy class: Medium (III)


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Alex S&E

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