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Modernization and automation of batch preparation.

The list of works for modernization and automation of batch preparation. At your request, the company is ready to work on automating the process of preparation and dosing of cullet into batch.

  • Development of the project;
  • Elimination of the mechanical system of levers, prisms, rods, bags and dial plates on dosing units;
  • Metalwork manufacturing (dosing devices, assemblers, etc.);
  • Replacement of  screw feeders and pneumatic feeders as a set with pneumatic valves;
  • Replacement of electric drives with valves;
  • Installing of dosing hoppers on load cells;
  • Installing of indication units with computer access (RS-232 interface);
  • Elimination of inconvenient in exploitation control panels and displays;
  • Elimination of relaying schemes and assemblies;
  • Installation of  workstation (industrial computer), which provides automatic control of technological process;
  • Development and installation of specialized software that provides automatic control of technological process of batch  preparation as well as material consumption record;
  • Installation of flow meters and water supply control valves, followed by their connection to a local computer network;
  • Installation of  screw speed variators and hoppers' level sensors;
  • Cable routing laying, electronics installation and connection using the most modern element base, technical resources, equipment, installation materials and technologies;
  • Weighing equipment delivery to the representative of the local territorial authorities of oversee the means of measurement;
  • Startup and adjustment of the equipment,  personnel training.

Full automation of ingredients dosing are being worked out in our technical offers. The firm has solved problems concerning automation of  small additives dosing (selenium, coal, premixes) with high accuracy.


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Alex S&E company
Alex S&E company
“Alex S&E” is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of weighing equipment for industry and commerce in the Republic of Moldova. Since 1993, we produce commercial scales, dosing systems and automated accounting systems for industrial and trade applications. Nowadays “Alex S&E” is one of the largest...
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