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Automated concrete mixing plants

Alex S & E company provides up-to-date level of production and high quality concrete mixtures due to modernization of existing and developing of new automated batching plants (ACMP). Automated computer control system of technological process of concrete mixtures production, new electronic dosing systems, modern technological and transport equipment, being a part of ACMP, help to solve  problems that arise in front of the construction companies because of ever growing  demands for concrete mixtures' quality.

Automated concrete mixing plants ensure:

  • Given recipe and concrete mix production technology adherence with the possibility of documentary evidence for each released batch of concrete mix. If necessary, we offer reports providing for each dose of the mixture indication of raw material consumption both required by prescription and actual;
  • Improving the quality of concrete mix due to high precision of cement dosing, inert material-filling (sand and gravel), water and various additives concrete is comprised of;
  • Production of concrete mix with necessary physical and mechanical properties by generating a mixture with chemical additives;
  • Concrete mix production technology compliance by maximum possible operators error elimination;
  • Raw materials saving (cement, sand, crushed stone and additives);

automated cement, sand, crushed stone, water and chemical additives recording including concrete, produced during a certain period of time.


Дозаторы компонентов

Components dosing is carried out by dosing devices, which work as completely self-stand modules. Frequency converters are installed in order to increase dosage accuracy and reduce dosing errors. All discharge gates have "medium-flow" position to assure discharge accuracy and to prevent overflow of conveyor. Each dosing device is operated by its individual weighing controller. The operator can set dosage, summarize data per each hour, enter setting mode to set all parts of the dosing device, and make calibration. The weighing controller of the dosing device has the possibility to operate in manual mode.



Шкаф управления

The control cabinet of automated concrete mixing plant is installed in the operator's room. The control cabinet can work both in manual and in fully automatic modes, which allows the entire cycle of concrete production to be fulfilled without human intervention at the same time improving quality of technological process in real-time mode. Loading control cabinet is installed near the silos. On the control cabinet panel there are cement level indicators, which show the lower and upper level of cement in discharge hoppers C1 and C2, alerting the coordinating manager about necessity of beginning or ending loading, signs of lower levels of water and chemical additives, control keys of water and chemical additives pumps, on and off buttons of conveyor and screw drives, light buttons indicating loading hopper selected. Pumps supplying water and chemical additives can work in automatic mode. Automated control system of technological process of concrete production Alex S & E makes possible report keeping of materials consumption, concrete produced, as well as controlling mobility of the concrete.




  • Automatic management of feeders during loading and unloading process of dosing hoppers: components dosing according to the specified recipe, sensor signals monitoring, executive device error handling.
  • Manual and semi-automatic control of executive device actuators (screw, pneumatic valve, etc.).
  • Flexible parameters setup: editing parameters of dosage, weight mechanism, start mechanisms, concrete mixtures recipes and storage (service) hoppers parameters.
  • Password protection of system functions: management, recipes creation and editing, manual control of executive device.
  • Accumulation of results. Material consumption, number of weightings during a shift, the cumulative sum per shift, day, month, etc are calculated. Executed works balance the any period of working time can be printed on request.


        On composing of technical order for the software "ALEX S & E" would take into account all your wishes on the software management, as well as the service pack program.


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Alex S&E company

Alex S&E

Alex S&E

“Alex S&E” is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of weighing equipment for industry and commerce in the Republic of Moldova. Since 1993, we produce commercial scales, dosing systems and automated accounting systems for industrial and trade applications. Nowadays “Alex S&E” is one of the largest engineering companies in Moldova and other CIS countries.


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