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Metallurgical industry

To create a system of inventory control at metallurgical plants we propose to introduce in warehouses certain number of weights and tie them in a common computer network. We have developed a program that allows accounting and material supply departments to control the movement of materials through the warehouse to all divisions of the plant. 

In large full cycle  metallurgical plants, where 5000 cubic meters volume blast furnaces are used, we propose to use continuously working dosing devices based on weight conveyor for loading into the furnace sinter, coke, ore, and lime. In case of oven load through the skip for the exact dosage of components (sinter, ore, coke, lime) from hoppers into carriage, we offer track scales with up to 100 tons scale capacity. This scale will perform all the functions of discrete dosing device. There is an executive mechanism as output of the loading hopper such as vibrating feeder, which is handled by controller. The dose is set from the unit which consists of ADC and controller.
For raw materials receipt and end product shipment account we offer track scale with capacity from 150 to 250 tons for the static weighing of carriages without uncoupling. For large volumes of raw materials we can offer weight-in-motion track scales, but weight error in this case increase.
To weigh cast-iron workpiece we offer to use platform scales of capacity, depending on the weight of the unit itself.

Along with the scales we offer for the blast-furnace production, for hardware and pipe plant platform scales of various designs should be used, for example, scales for strips weighing, scales for finished pipe and end product weighing , i.e. before tube joining, - as specification for pipe plant. 

For metal ware production it is reasonable to apply scales with counting function for counting the number of identical items as bolts, screw nuts, etc. The products can be packed in boxes, bags and other containers through discrete dosing devices.     


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Alex S&E company

Alex S&E

Alex S&E

“Alex S&E” is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of weighing equipment for industry and commerce in the Republic of Moldova. Since 1993, we produce commercial scales, dosing systems and automated accounting systems for industrial and trade applications. Nowadays “Alex S&E” is one of the largest engineering companies in Moldova and other CIS countries.


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Alex S&E

Alex S&E



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