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Tobacco plants

Upgrading of existing labeling and calculation lines of tobacco bales.

List of works on modernization of existing labeling and calculation lines of tobacco bales that will provide substantial savings at minimal cost.

Tobacco raw materials received at plant are weighed up on truck scales. After fermentation, packaging and sorting tobacco is formed into batches. Batch data (sort, humidity, number) is transmitted to a central computer of system control as well as weighing data of pressed tobacco bales.

The computer, in its turn, generates all the data for label printing and transmits it to the thermal printer, installed directly next to the scales. The label is printed in two seconds after the weighing process. Labeled bales of tobacco go to the ex-stock. 

We offer:

  • Modernization of 30t/60t capacity mechanical truck scales to electronic ones or its manufacturing.
  • Providing connection of weighing device to computer (serial interface RS 232 C)
  • Supplying of software for automatic printing of consignment notes.
    (The service center is provided with a database storing information about all suppliers and customers, payment for products, etc.)
  • Modernization and automation of the process of weighing, recording and labeling of tobacco bales on the existing line.
  • Replacement of existing mechanical platform scales to electronic ones with the connection to computer(RS 232 C);
  • Installation of thermal printer for automatic printing of self-adhesive labels;
  • Installation of system control computer and printer for printing required specifications of tobacco batch weighed;
  • Laying the necessary cable connections from the scale and printer to the computer;
  • Control of weighing process, automatic label printing and issuance to the customer of necessary documentation software development.