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Dairy and meat industry

The accounting system of raw materials reception and finished products release at a meat factory
consists of the following elements:

  • Applications accepting operator's workplace
  • Finished product release operator's workplace
  • Raw materials receiving operator's workplace
  • Manager of enterprise workplace

Applications accepting control system allows to create a database storing information concerning applications to the raw materials receipt and finished products release as well as products movement, to print waybills, obtain shift and monthly reports.
Control system of finished products release is designed to provide operator with the information about the range and quantities of products released, gives possibility to print receipts, and to transfer information about the product released in the applications database.
The control system of row materials receipt provides operator with the information about the range and sort of row materials received, gives possibility to print receipts, and to transfer information about the product received in the applications database.

Automated system of milk collection

The system consists of the following subtasks:

  • Milk collection management operator's workplace
  • Laboratory assistant's workplace
  • Accountant's workplace

The system operates with  two scales with 2000 kg capacity, it makes possible keeping a strict record of received goods, entering  all necessary laboratory data and printing the  incoming documents. Data concerning the number and quality of production received from households can be obtained for any period of time. The control system of milk collection is designed for weighting the product and entering information about the deliverer, date, time and weight in the database, and printing control sales receipt. Control receipts help to verify correction of documents' filling in.    


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Alex S&E company

Alex S&E

Alex S&E

“Alex S&E” is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of weighing equipment for industry and commerce in the Republic of Moldova. Since 1993, we produce commercial scales, dosing systems and automated accounting systems for industrial and trade applications. Nowadays “Alex S&E” is one of the largest engineering companies in Moldova and other CIS countries.


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Alex S&E

Alex S&E



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