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Unique Automation Program!

Comprehends all business zones, issues ready reports, analyzes and checks!



A determinant factor in the process of automation of a catering enterprise is the complex approach. This is determined by the correct organization of business processes, modern equipment and high-tech and reliability of software control functions. This symbiosis ensures the growth of restaurant profitability, customer loyalty and protection of investments in the enterprise.




В52®Hotel software complex offers efficient management of an object of any size. Number of rooms, restaurants and bars, gym, billiard halls - all these are subject to operational control. Flexibility and efficiency of the В52®Hotel software complex allows to take marketing decisions in the shortest time and clearest way, growth of service level, cost saving and increase of financial performance of the enterprise.





В52®Fitness software complex is intended for people who make decisions in the management of sport and health enterprises.

Management of the records of all business processes, serious analytical base, clear and transparent accountability are three pillars of the enterprise efficient management.





Over the last years, complex objects in the field of service have gained much popularity. Investors form as big complex as possible, which services are rendered in the territory of one object. Usually, the concept of such object implies central part and some additional services.




Hotel complexes.

One or several units of hotel are completed by a restaurant for its guests. Usually, the restaurant is open for everybody. Also, in the complex may be included a gym, sauna, billiard hall, beauty salon, barbershop.

Sanatorium complexes, SPA-hotel.

Different medical and SPA services are combined on such object with the standard pack of hotel complex services.

Aquaparks, skating-rinks, tennis courts

Main link is the entrance group made of cash service zone at the entrance to the object, combined with access control system. Also, the complex has one or several catering points.